The Young Reviewers verdicts are in!

The Young Reviewers verdicts are in!

Two lucky winners were invited to our press night and here's what they thought...

Ella-Rose Cook, aged 9

It starts off with the Evil Queen, “hahaha” she said. The evil Step-Mother of Snow White, the Princess of the town, but the Queen does not like Snowy, so she wants to kill her so she put Herman the Henchman under a spell and put her heart in a box but the others: Dame Dolly Doolittle and Muddles saved Snowy by undoing the spell. They all left and the Forest Fairy told Snowy to go to a safe place. So she headed to a cottage that belonged to the Seven Dwarfs. Inside the cottage Snowy found seven beds “I am a bit tired” Snowy said and goes to sleep in one of the beds. When she awoke she saw: Fun-Guy, Hoarder, Petal, Rummage, Tuffty, Twitch and Whittle…”Oh dear, sorry if I frightened you” she said.

Go to the Marina Theatre to see what happens next…

What I loved:

I loved the ending and all the jokes. I loved the ending because the Prince got married to Snowy and their suits and dresses were amazing and beautiful. Also I hated the part when we had to go home because I wanted to watch more.

Grace Ogilvie, aged 7

I was invited to the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft to watch their pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I was very excited as I love pantomimes and find them very funny.

When it was time to start, the curtains went up and it started with the queen talking to her magic mirror, who made lots of funny jokes. My nanny told me that the lady in the magic mirror was Jo Brand who is a comedian. Then we met the forest fairy who looked beautiful, she had a light up fairy wand and her dress was green, blue and yellow and she had pretty flowers in her hair. She introduced the first part of the story and also was the narrator during the show.

The first time we met snow white, it was her birthday and she had birds flying around her head and I thought it was very clever as they had been made on sticks so the male dancers behind her was swinging them over her head so it looked like they were flying.

All of the costumes used in the show were very colourful. They all suited the characters and looked great on stage. Dame Dolly Doolittle had a different costume for every scene and her costumes were very funny. My favourite costume of Dolly’s was the bright stripy dress she wore when they sang the 12 days of Christmas.

The dwarf costumes were really cute, and I loved all of their big hats. They had different names to the dwarfs I know from the Snow White film. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to audition to be in the pantomime.

The music and dancing in the show was fantastic. My favourite dance was when the forest fairy danced ballet with the angels. Then my favourite song was Your Song sung by Snow White and Prince Michael. They sung it so lovely, but I also laughed because Muddles wasn’t happy that they were in love and kept doing silly things behind them.

My favourite character in the show was Muddles. Terry Gleed is always very funny, and I love him being in the show. He always makes lots of jokes and makes the audience laugh. I was chosen to go on the stage during the show to dance to Grey Squirrel. The actions were easy but that made it lots of fun for everyone. I had to score my part of the audience and I gave them 7 out of 10.

Out of the whole show my favourite part was the 12 days of Christmas song because they changed the words to make everyone laugh and then at the end muddles let go of the toilet rolls and they went flying round the audience. I couldn’t stop laughing!

I am really lucky as I get to go and watch snow white again with my school next week; and I can’t wait! I think everyone should buy tickets and go and enjoy the show!