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Please see below for current vacancies. If you have some spare time, or would like to develop new skills you might like to consider joining us as a volunteer.

Current vacancies:


Casting – 6 Voice Actors (3M, 3F) for Unspoken Stories

Casting for 6 actors (3 female identifying and 3 male identifying) for multiple roles in 6 short radio dramas.


Unspoken Stories was a community project delivered at the Marina Theatre as the organisation came out of lock down, and saw community participants write 6 original radio plays with the guidance of a professional storyteller and playwright.

We are now casting for 6 actors to bring these plays to life. Actors need to be versatile and skilled in specific accents (see breakdown for details), as well as creating characters at a range of ages, from a variety of time periods.

Rehearsals and recording will take place over 3 days at the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft in late September/early October.

We are particularly interested in hearing from actors based in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Fee = £150 per day, plus travel.

Please submit your CV or Spotlight link, plus links to any show or voice reels to along with details of which role you’d like to be considered for.

Deadline for submissions: 13th September 2021 at midday.


Actor 1 – Male

Play 1 – Jack (41, East London accent, bit flash, likes a laugh)

Play 3 – Eddie (17, male, Leicester accent)

Play 4 – Reggie Hughes (32,  South London accent)

Play 6 – Brigadier General Charles Blackader (High-ranking British officer, leader of court martial) & Captain Anderson (English army office)

Actor 2 – Female

Play 1 – Sarah (37, East London accent)

Play 2 – Patricia (20, Clever, quietly spoken. Pronounced Suffolk accent)

Play 4 – Sheila (25, South London Accent)

Play 6 – Eva Gore-Booth (20s, RP) & Dr Kathleen Lynn (30s, Irish)

Actor 3 – Female

Play 2 – Midwife Gooch (58, authoritative, slight Suffolk accent.)

Play 3 – Mother (45, Leicester accent)

Play 4 – The Voice (Deep disembodied voice, commanding but calm, authoritative and superior)

Play 6 – Mountjoy Prison Warden (Female prison warden, Dublin accent), Aylesbury Prison Warden (Female prison warden, Wiltshire accent), Maisie (Dublin accent) & Holloway Prison Warden (Female prison warden, East London accent).

Actor 4 – Male

Play 1 – Man on a bike (70s, friendly.)

Play 3 – Dad (47, Leicester accent) & Police Sergeant (55)

Play 4 – Thomas Cunningham (South London accent, spans 3 different ages – 19, 42 & 75)

Play 5 – Tommy (87, Ex-Londoner, use to drive buses, dementia care home resident)

Play 6 – Barrister William Evelyn Wylie (Irish born, well educated, prosecuting officer)

Actor 5 – Female

Play 1 – Landlady (60s, Hotel landlady, frosty and dismissive)

Play 5 – Evie (82, severe dementia)

Actor 6 – Male

Play 2 – Charles (23, nervous. Pronounced Suffolk accent)

Play 3 – Paul (17, Leicester accent)

Play 4 – Denzel Stanley (28, South London accent)

Play 5 – Peter (72, resident of dementia care home)

Play 6 – Liam Murphy (teenager, Dublin accent), Captain Henry de Courcy Wheeler (English army officer), Newspaper boy (Dublin accent)


Freelance Creative Practitioner

Are you a freelance creative practitioner based in East Anglia? We’d love to hear from you!

Plans are afoot to reimagine our community engagement offer and we want to develop our pool of creative practitioners to support this work. If you’re interested in working with us, please contact Amy at with your CV.