Dancing Policy

Standing/Dancing at the Marina

We want everyone to enjoy coming to the Marina Theatre. In order to accommodate all customers, included those with limited mobility, we have agreed the following policy in regards to dancing in the auditorium:

No standing/dancing is allowed in the Circle

This is for audience safety reasons. The angle of the terracing is very steep and is suited only to sitting down. In addition we want there to be an area where people who do not want to stand/dance and want a clear view can enjoy their evening.

Dancing is allowed in the Stalls, with the following exceptions

  • No standing/dancing in the aisles – these need to be kept clear for the safety of our audience.
  • No standing/dancing in the first two rows – this is to allow those with limited mobility to enjoy an event from their seat without their view being restricted by those standing and dancing. In the absence of a lift, it cannot be reasonably expected that every customer can climb the stairs to the Circle to experience the show from their seat.

When booking tickets online or with the box office, customers will be informed of any dancing restrictions that apply to their seat(s). If you realise you have booked a ticket in the wrong area, please talk to a member of staff and we will do our utmost to change it with as little fuss as possible.

Our staff are here to help. Stewards checking tickets will inform customers of the applicable dancing policy for their seat. Again, if you realise your seat is in the ‘wrong’ area, please talk to a member of staff so we can change it.

The enjoyment, comfort and safety of our audiences is paramount, but balancing the varying needs and expectations of different customers can be a challenge. We have feedback from customers who wish to be seated during events and those who wish to get up and dance.  As an audience member you should be considerate of your fellow theatregoers around you. If you stand up and dance you immediately block the view of those sat behind you which is unfair, especially if that person is unable to stand. Please be mindful of those around you. Please respect our staff if we politely ask you to remain seated.