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Write a Play

with James McDermott

Are you a budding playwright? Do you love to watch new plays? Have you got a story which you’d love to be able to tell on stage? Well East Anglian Playwright, James McDermott has made a series of videos especially for the Marina to help you achieve just that! Over five short videos, James reveals special hints and tips to help you achieve your ambitions of writing a play. It may be your first attempt at writing for the stage – or even writing at all! Everyone can have a go.

One: Generating Material

Two: Creating a Character

Three: Creating a Dramatic Story

Four: Structuring your Narrative

Five: Top Tips

Now it’s over to you!

Finish the Scene:

Character One: What have you been up to?

Character Two: Nothing important.

Character One: Then what’s that?

You can take this story anywhere! Write 10 lines, 20 lines, or a full-length play, we would love to see where your writing journey takes you. Tag us on social media, and let us know how your writing journey is going!

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