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We need your help – maybe now more than ever…

We are a charity, and closing our doors for a number of weeks will have massive financial implications for us.

Our income effectively ground to a halt on Tuesday 17 March, but our outgoings haven’t stopped. We still have rent, bills & staff wages to pay.

Thank you everyone for all your support over the years, but now we need your help – maybe now more than ever. We need the support of all of you who know us, and all of you who have a stake in our organisation, to support us over these coming weeks and months. 

We’re in the business of bringing people together, and we’re sorry that we’re not able to do this in our usual way right now, but when all of this is over we’re hoping to be able to open our doors to entertain you once more!

Thank you

Help us by downloading and displaying our Survival Appeal Poster