Jack Rose Old Lowestoft Society: The Waller’s Raid

Jack Rose Old Lowestoft Society: The Waller’s Raid

During the course of World War 2, Lowestoft, Britain’s most easterly town, was attacked no fewer than 105 times by the enemy, with sirens sounding an unprecedented 2,064 times between 1939 and 1945. But there was one infamous raid, that of 13th January 1942, which the people living or serving in the town remember most. It was a raid which achieved notoriety as “The Waller’s raid”, named after the popular restaurant and cake shop which was destroyed and where the majority of the casualties occurred that day.

Using wartime photographs, newspaper articles, personal stories and original research, Lowestoft historians Bob Collis and Chris Brooks have again combined forces to deliver a detailed account of Lowestoft’s blackest day of the war.

Stories of tragedy, and stories of miraculous escapes. The benevolence of the Royal family, and the raid victim whose headstone was erected 75 years after her death by her former employers. Finally, the subsequent fate of the German pilot who with his crew, carried out the deed, “The man who bombed Wallers”

A special presentation by the Jack Rose Old Lowestoft Society to mark the 80th anniversary of one of the saddest days in Lowestoft’s long and chequered history.

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