Understanding Shakespeare

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The Play’s the Thing: Understanding Shakespeare

Wednesday 9th August: 10.00am- 16.00pm

Shakespeare – is it all “sound and fury, signifying nothing” – or does it “whisper music to your weary spirit”?

Love him or hate him? No idea what he’s on about or can’t get enough? Join Shakespeare expert Simon Bridge for a day unravelling the mysteries of the Bard, celebrating his strengths and making him that bit more accessible.

Uncover the secrets in Shakespeare’s language, learn how to stage scenes and find out about how the actors of the day tackled the texts.

This is perfect for experienced actors and total beginners alike, Shakespeare buffs and those who can’t stand him!

And don’t miss our screening of Shakespeare’s revenge play Titus Andronicus at 7pm on the 9th August included in the price.
Ages: 18+
£20 including ticket to screening (22 spaces available)

About the Tutor

Simon Bridge

In more than 30 years as an actor Simon has performed on stage, film, radio and TV. His theatre credits have ranged from Alan Ayckbourn to Agatha Christie and from pantomime to Noel Coward. He has performed Shakespeare in almost every conceivable location, from the stormy battlements of Guernsey Castle to the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe and from a London pub to a Roman amphitheatre in the Jordanian desert.

Since 1993 he has led thousands of workshops for the education department at Shakespeare’s Globe, unlocking the secrets of Shakespeare’s language for students of all ages and from all over the world, as well as directing performances by undergraduate students on the Globe stage. Away from the Globe he has led countless Shakespeare education projects all over the country and beyond.

Simon, who once made his living as a juggler, clown and fire-eater, now lives a (slightly) more settled life with his family in Suffolk, sharing his love of Shakespeare with anyone who will listen.

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