The world-renowned Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) is coming to Lowestoft as part of its national Musical Landscapes tour.

Amongst a week of workshops and an exciting mix of performances, OAE will be at the Marina Theatre, mixing pieces by JS Bach and Philip Glass with new compositions by James Redwood, as well as opportunities for local amateur musicians to display their skills performing work written about the local area.

Joining them are local schools, including Roman Hill, St Mary’s Roman Catholic and Oulton Broad Primaries. There’s also an exciting new ‘Local Landscapes’ film premiere by Zen Grisdale.

The concert will tell the story of the constantly changing landscape of the world we live in.

Starting at the very beginnings of the earth, we hear music which illustrates the earth’s journey from its creation, through the millennia of change which has led us to where we are now: huge pre-historic landscapes, peaceful pastoral scenes, industrialisation and the world we see around us today.

We look at the way human beings have adapted and how we have impacted our environment in positive and destructive ways. Finally, we ask ourselves “What world do we want to create for tomorrow?”.

It’s sure to be an unmissable occasion, for all ages.


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ticketindex-fullprice Full Price: £5.00
ticketindex-family Family Ticket (Of Four): £12.00

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