Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin

In the heart-warming live action adventure Christopher Robin, the young boy who loved embarking on adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood with a band of spirited and loveable stuffed animals, has grown up and lost his way.

Now it is up to his childhood friends to venture into our world and help Christopher Robin remember the loving and playful boy who is still inside.

With Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin

Also starring: Jim Cummings as Pooh, Toby Jones as Owl and Chris O’Dowd as Tigger

Running Time:

2 hours tbc


ticketindex-allseats Full Price: £5.50
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ticketindex-earlybird Booked 24 hours in advance: £4.50

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Dates & Times:

2018-05-31T15:51:52+00:00 May 31st, 2018|